~ Shooting the Shooter

It’s fun sometime to shoot the shooters. Nice to see them lost with their cameras. Shot during the Christmas of 2016 on the streets of Hong Kong. Advertisements

~Suspicious – Streets, Hong Kong

The lady was so suspicious  about something in the street that her entire appearance changed momentarily. The wrinkles on the face added an extra layer of momentum on the image. Shot near Central District, Hong Kong.

Tangled ~ Streets, Hong Kong

The lady was waiting on the signal and was playing with her curly hairs. The moment was nice to capture. The ring on her finger gave a extra dimension to the picture. This picture was shot near Tsim Sha Shui, Hong Kong.

~ Streets ~ Hong Kong

A lot happen on the streets and lot is forgotten. Always inspired by Steve McCurry and Rui Palha. I try to capture few small moments which showcases the daily life of people.


Lanscapes make me feel happy and make me realise that the life is still colourful.